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100 % Fresh Ingredients

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted Garlicky Smoke Sauce! If you love Garlic then you will enjoy this smokey, spicy, spreads, marinade or dip! This gourmet choice is made with fresh herbs spices a ground nuts! It is carefully curated with your tastebuds in mind! Garlicky Smoke Sauce will transform everything from comfort foods to gourmet side dishes!  Try using it as a base for homemade pizza, goat feta cheese, onions and bell peppers...sounds good!  Don't take my word for it... I JUS MAK'EM!  


Health is Wealth... It's a way of LIFE!

Make sure to SHAKE IT and SHARE IT with LOVE!


Keep Refridgerate! Seperation is Natural.

"It Contains Nuts" Please let us know if you have ALLERGIES "Tree Nuts or Grounds" PLEASE LET US KNOW.


You can request this item without "Tree Nuts or Ground Nuts".

Thank you

Ethan's | Garlicky Smoke Sauce!

Dressing Base
Price Options
One-time purchase
Have It Bi-weekly
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$12.56every week until canceled
Try it Once a Month
Eat Right ...subscribe & save 5% off regular price
$13.25every month until canceled
  • Fresh Garlic, Onions, Basil, Papirika, Spices, Sea Salt, Distilled Vinegar.

    If you prefer 100 % Pure Olive Oil or 100% Canola Oil request in your order; there will be a slight change in price.

    Healthy Eating!

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