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About Us


Ethan's is a one-of-a-kind condiment culinary establishment with a menu inspired by African traditions, travels, culture and lifestyle ...the idea of creating simple and honest condiments can be enjoyed anywhere!  


We created a unique experience in each jar with some of the most delicious & savory ingredients combinations... there's something for everyone to enjoy! 


Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike... fresh and sustainable ingredients—taking you on a condiment culinary journey... like no other!

Ethan's is a place where people from all over can enjoy our special condiments fresh, raw ingredients and LOVE makes everything taste Good!


Let's continue to explore our taste-buds and create amazing food together at local places where good vibes are gathered by communities and culture!



Local in

Mount Vernon, NY

Our mission is to provide the community and beyond with a quality products and services that promotes cultural exchanges, wellness, and lifestyle through proper food nutrition, fresh ingredients and great customer service. Ethan’s is part of a neighborhood, a village; a gathering place...part of the daily routine - and we couldn’t be happier about it being a part of it!

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